Aguaje Benefits – Is It Really The “Miracle Fruit for Women?”


It seems like it’s every other day that we hear about a new miracle food. In the past few years, we’ve heard a lot about coconut oil and chia seeds.

Even if the word “miracle” is probably going a bit too far, these superfoods really are incredibly good for us in various ways. The latest “miracle” food is a fruit called aguaje.

The unique-looking fruit from South American is specifically being heralded as a “miracle fruit for women” because its nutritional makeup does offer several specific advantages for women. It’s a food that can potentially benefit both physical health and appearance.

What is Aguaje?


This fruit grows in tropical areas in South America on palm trees. It’s covered in brown, shiny scales. Underneath the scales is vibrant yellow flesh and a hard nut at the center.

The fruit is hard to miss in many places in South America, where you see it sold on every street corner and many locals say they eat one every day. It has been gaining international attention of late, as the potential health benefits (especially for women) are becoming more well known.

Aguaje is the Peruvian name for this fruit. In Colombia, it is called canangucho. Other names for it are ita, buriti, and muriti. Its scientific name is Mauritia flexuosa.

How is Aguaje Consumed?


Aguaje can be eaten raw or can be eaten in the form of juice, jam, wine, or even ice cream. The fruit itself does not have a very strong taste, and some have described it as slightly salty tasting. Oil from this fruit can also be applied to the skin. Agauje can also be taken in supplement form, with a pill or powder.

What Are the Health Benefits of Aguaje?

Aguaje offers a nice balance of nutrients and can strongly promote the health of the eyes, teeth, soft tissues, bones, and skin. It’s long been a sound nutritional choice for native people in South America since it prevents dehydration while providing high quantities of several vital nutrients.

The fruit also offers a relatively high amount of protein for a fruit. Some of its standout nutritional positives:

  • it has more vitamin A than a carrot
  • it has more vitamin E than avocados
  • it has as much vitamin C as citrus fruits like oranges
  • it is high in essential fatty acids like Oleic acid
  • it can moisturize and protect the skin from sun damage
  • it is naturally anti-inflammatory
  • it has a high electrolyte content

What Are the Benefits of Aguaje That Apply Specifically to Women?


Men can benefit nutritionally from eating this fruit or using the oil as a way to moisturize and protect the skin, but the potential benefits for women are even more incredible.

This is because aguaje is rich in phytoestrogens. Research on phytoestrogens is ongoing, but consumption of aguaje doesn’t seem to have any harmful effects on men. The phytoestrogens can provide almost certain benefits for women.

  • the fruit can potentially restore fertility
  • it can be a great natural treatment for symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes
  • it can potentially help create a bigger, rounder butt and can potentially increase breast size (women with higher levels of estrogen tend to be a bit more curvy)
  • its antioxidants can slow down the effects of aging on the skin by reducing wrinkles and fine lines
  • it can hydrate, soften, and straighten hair

Does Aguaje Really Work?

There hasn’t been very much scientific study of this potential superfood yet, but the research that has been done on aguaje is looking very positive. It has been found that the fruit has a superior mix of nutrition known to be of vital import.

In addition to all the known positives of aguaje’s nutritional makeup, some research is even suggesting new miracle uses for the fruit, like in the treatment of dementia and other cognitive problems.

Native populations in South America have certainly found a lot of good in this fruit, both as a solid source of nutrition and as something that can benefit many aspects of health and appearance.

Final Verdict

Like with any superfood, to truly expect a miracle after its consumption is probably asking too much. That said, by regularly consuming this and other superfoods over time, there is sure to be some positive impact.

Will you immediately wake up with a more curvy figure, with incredible skin and hair, and either pregnant or in total relief from menopause? No. There is a lot of potential, though, that your skin and hair will be looking a bit better, your curves may be looking a bit curvier, and your fertility or menopause will see some kind of improvement.

And without question, the nutrition found in this fruit definitely does a body good, so consuming aguaje can’t hurt.

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