Building a Strong Immune System With the Help of Yoga


Everyday life is a myriad of germs, bacteria, and viruses that cause our immune systems to work overtime breaking them down to keep us healthy. In a perfect world, no one would become sick.

The real world is more about congestion, 24-hour bugs, and the common cold. The best way to deal with illness is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. You can wash your hands, refuse to touch anything, and become an obsessive germaphobe.

You can also learn to strengthen your immune system, which is a little less time-consuming than hand washing each time you touch something.

Yoga is an excellent source of exercise that’s beneficial in several ways. Yoga can provide the following benefits to a person’s body, mind, and health:

  • Reduced stress
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Fewer symptoms of depression
  • Stronger immune system
  • Strengthen muscles
  • Provide weight loss
  • Increase moods

Those unfamiliar with yoga live with the misconception that it’s a form of meditation that provides no health benefits other than relaxation.

It’s partly true yoga is a form of meditation that does provide relaxation, but it’s also exercise proven to increase good health. If you’re interested in strengthening your immune system with yoga, it’s a simple process.

Learning Yoga


It’s simple, but you can’t practice yoga to improve your immune system until you learn the poses. The good news is you can learn at your own pace in your own way.

There are ample instructional yoga videos available online free of charge. You can join a yoga class at a local workout facility. You can buy a yoga DVD to use at home. You can take private lessons. Yoga isn’t difficult to learn. The difficult part is mastering the poses, which takes time for virtually everyone.

Don’t give up on learning yoga if the poses are difficult. Start with beginner poses, work your way up, and know everyone struggles at first. The stronger your body becomes, the easier it is to hold those poses. Practice makes perfect after all.

Practice Outdoors

One way to make yoga more beneficial to your overall health and the strength of your immune system is to practice outside. Whether you have a deck or porch or you choose to head to the park on a lovely day, exercising outside has ample benefits.

The sunshine brings much-needed Vitamin D to your body. The fresh air is soothing, and a beautiful day is often all it takes to put anyone in a good mood.

Focus on Poses that Help Your Immune System


Now that you know yoga and you sometimes practice outside, it’s time to focus on the aspects that improve your health. Controlled, efficient breathing helps increase the amount of oxygen traveling into your blood stream.

This strengthens your lungs, and it protects your immune system as a result. Good breathing habits such as this help your body resist infection when its introduced.

The Downward Dog is one of the most famous yoga poses, and one of the simplest for most people to master. If that leaves you with the impression it’s not a beneficial pose, you’re incorrect.

It’s one that allows you clear out your sinuses in the most effective manner. Practicing these moves can help you relieve sinus pressure, congestions, and help you feel much better when you’re getting sick.

Any yoga pose with a twist is good for your digestive health. It works like this because your body twists with the spine and provides compression to the stomach, which improves your body’s ability to digest food and beverages with more efficiency.

When your digestive system works improperly, it makes it difficult for your body to rid itself of toxins. The toxins found here often result in the presence of infections that cause you to become ill.

Staying Healthy

Yoga is exercise, and it requires you drink ample water to stay hydrated. You feel so relaxed during yoga it’s easy to forget to hydrate since it’s not as sweat-inducing as other activities.

It’s still exercise, and you’re still sweating. Your doctor can inform you how much water you need each day based on your age, weight, and other health factors.

It’s also important to understand yoga can’t build your immune system much if your diet isn’t healthy. Eat in moderation, fill your plate with more leafy greens than anything else, and opt for choices such as chicken and fish as often as possible. Yoga is far more beneficial to your immune system when it’s paired with other healthy lifestyle choices.

Yoga is considered a natural method to improving your immune system, and your doctor is going to recommend it for anyone who is healthy enough. Before you begin a yoga routine, do speak with your primary care physician.

The Takeaway

Depending on your health history, there might be some poses unsafe for new and/or old injuries, and there are several moves unsafe for expectant moms.

Modifying your routine helps you improve your immune system without sacrificing the health of your joints, bones, and body.

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